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The Unveiling of Character – Men’s Basketball

“The returners had a bad taste in their mouth,” Head Coach John Dunne expressed as he explained this year’s transition from last season’s losing record.

The Peacocks ended last year’s season with a 5-26 record. Last year the squad suffered from injuries, a lack of size, and a small roster. This year, the Men’s Basketball program was ranked last in the Pre-Season MAAC poll. However, this is beginning to seem like a rather inaccurate ranking considering the big wins against Rutgers, Central Connecticut, and Cornell.

A huge impact this season will come from contributions from the new recruitment class. The recruitments this year bring talent, size, and depth. Coach Dunne mentioned the additions of Desi Washington, Chaz Paterson, Pat Jackson, and Elijias Desport as strong competitors for the Peacocks this season.

Photo Credit - Brigette Rusmassen

Photo Credit – Brigette Rusmassen

Another point made by Dunne was the efficiency of the offseason as well as preseason. Head Coach Dunne said that the 2012 spring season was the best they have ever had and it was the first summer that they could have summer workouts due to NCAA regulations as well. This preseason has shown that the team is beginning to “mesh as a group, which sometimes takes time”, Dunne said.  The team chemistry is something that was also missing from last year’s season as well.

Key player, Desi Washington, also spoke to the importance of the team chemistry on and off the court as well as the spring season. His biggest tasks in the off season were “weightlifting, plyometrics, and individual skill sets.”

Washington also notes the importance of the preseason matches in terms of winning another MAAC championship when he said, “We will see where we stand and know how we have to come along as a team and make improvements.”

Photo Credit - Brigette Rusmassen

Photo Credit – Brigette Rusmassen

While the last two games, Binghamton and Seton Hall, have not ended on a positive note, it is clear that the Peacocks have established themselves as a team to be reckoned with.

“We learned from last season. I think you learn a lot about yourself and you see the character of the group when you go through a poor year. A lot of people say sports create character but I think it reveals it. When you’re winning, character gets masked. Losing reveals it. The way we responded in the spring showed toughness and great character. We weren’t content,” said Dunne.

The resilience the Peacocks have shown this year is impressive both athletically and mentally. The MAAC competitors may be in for a surprise.

To find out who the Peacocks play next click: http://saintpeterspeacocks.com/sports/mbkb/index


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