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The Hookah Pen Trend

Most people who go to Saint Peter’s are probably familiar with hookah lounges. Adults, nineteen and over, can go to the lounges and mingle with others while smoking from hookahs. The lounges are typically smoked filled, as people smoke a flavored tobacco called shisha.

Outside of Saint Peter’s, the hookah trend has become a social thing amongst people in their twenties. Celebrities, such as Drake, have been spotted smoking shisha.

This shisha, or hookah as most people call it, has become portable recently with the emergence of hookah pens. These electronic pens allow a person to smoke walking down the street, pumping gas, dancing, whatever they want to do.

Electronic hookah pens typically cost anywhere from seven to ten dollars and can be purchased online and at gas stations. They come in several different flavors including apple cider, mango, blueberry, and more.

Lately, they have become a trend. Many people own or have owned a hookah pen.

“My friend had one and told me told me he got it at Exxon so, once I heard that, I went and bought one,” said John Smith, who chose to go by a different name.

Many people who own hookah pens at Saint Peter’s have purchased them from the Exxon gas station on the corner of West Side Avenue and Duncan Ave. Behind the counter of the Exxon gas station, there is a display of hookah pens with a variety of flavors to attract customers.

“My favorite flavor is of hookah is peach and mango,” said Quinn Berridge, a sophomore at Saint Peter’s. “Those were my favorite fruits growing up.”

Aside from the flavors, many people purchase hookah pens because they’re simply cool to have.

“People don’t think it’s addicting,” said Mohamed Merdan, a sophomore at Saint Peter’s. “It’s portable, no side effects, it’s legal, and you can do tricks with the smoke.”

Hookah produces a very thick smoke that people sometimes manipulate into cool designs in the air. However, this thick smoke may carry some health risks. If you ask most people, they think hookah is a lot healthier than smoking cigarettes, but they may be wrong.

According the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, “Hookah smokers are at risk for the same kinds of diseases as are caused by cigarette smoking, including oral cancer, lung cancer, stomach cancer, cancer of the esophagus, reduced lung function, and decreased fertility.”

The charcoal that is used to heat the tobacco in the hookah device produces high levels of carbon monoxide and emits harmful carcinogens. However, charcoal is not needed nor used in a hookah pen. Hookah pens use electricity to heat up the shisha, so the smoke exhaled is a lot safer.

People typically smoke hookah from a hookah device before hookah pens. A hookah device is usually shared among friends as they pass around the hose and inhale. Infectious diseases can be passed around this way since each person’s mouth has touched the hose.

Some people use plastic caps to prevent that from occurring, while others do not. Even using a plastic cap, however, is not always safe due to the fact that germs migrate. The second someone puts their mouth on a hookah hose, their germs get in the hose.

Since people have their own personal hookah pens now, sharing infectious diseases is being prevented, unless you decide to share your hookah pen, which is not the smartest thing to do.

The main danger with hookah pens is that people tend to smoke by themselves and smoke a lot more often than those who smoke from big hookah devices. And any smoke that is inhaled into the body can do some sort of damage.

However, there is a limitation on hookah pens. A typical hookah pen only allows five hundred to seven hundred pulls so, when you are done, you have to buy a new one. If you smoke hookah a lot, you will probably find yourself spending about ten dollars a week, which adds up after a while.

With the more expensive electronic hookah pens, the cartridge inside can be refilled, but that will also cost money and, since people tend to smoke hookah more often, refillable electronic hookah pen owners will create empty spaces in their pockets, just like a person with a cigarette habit.

Although hookah pens have become very popular, some people have chosen not to follow the trend. They think that hookah is not enough for them and they need something much more potent.

Amir Washington, a junior at Saint Peter’s, is one of these people.

“I would much rather smoke a cigarette,” said Washington, followed by a laugh, “Why get light headed off of flavored tobacco when I can just go for the gusto?”

Even though not everyone has decided to follow the hookah pen trend, anyone can look around campus and see that it is very popular. Due to the potential risks, though, people are advised to do further research before purchasing one and understanding just what they are inhaling into their body.


  • Is it bad for someone that’s a minor like 15&16 to have a hookah pen because some of my friends that are in high school have hookah pens?

  • first of all hookah pens do not actually contain shisha in them it is just a flavored water vapor that either contains nicotine or may be nicotine free. so it actually has no side effects because it is water vapor. many teens just use it because it is a trend.

  • Why do I get light headed from the pen? I have never smoked hookah and this is my first pen. But I think I did too much. I killed a 500 puff in two days. But I just feel sick…

  • Its not water vapor, just join alibaba and pretend to be trader, ask for a chemical sheet of the included e-liquid, you would be surprised to see some familiar chemicals mostly used in detergents. You don’t have a brain just to fill up your head but to use it.

  • Is it bad for a 13 year old to have a hookah pen?

  • hookah pens are not harmful to you, but the chemicals that are used to make the flavored vapor is harmful to lungs that haven’t been fully developed yet. I am 14 years old, and i bought a nicotine free hookah pen at a local gas station.

  • I was told by a hookah pen retailer that if you are under 18 and have one it is not illegal for you. And it is Sapose to be illegal to buy them if you are under 18 but most places will sell them to you anyways because once you have it it’s legal for you!

  • Its water vapor its okay

  • Can a minor travel through the airport with a hookah pen?

  • First of things first It Is Not Water Vapor! Most use a vegetable based oil while some use Glycerine or PEG400. Both of those if ingested in large quantities will cause diarrhea (PEG400 use to be the gallon of stuff that you would drink to prepare for a colonoscopy and Glycerine is used to relieve constipation). There have been no studies on the effects of inhaling these chemicals. I have a hookah pen, the refillable electronic kind.(with a charger) I have several flavors like Juicy Fruit, Watermellon, and Triple Berry. All with no nicotine all made with PEG400. I have never had any side effects from it. I use to smoke black and milds and I truly enjoyed it but health problems made me give it up, now with the Hookah I can enjoy the idea of smoking again. I will be asking my Pulmanologist about the E-Hookah effects.

  • I applaud the curious who and bored who pick up the nicotine free Hookah Pen to experiment with instead of the traditional cigarettes. I wish these were invented back when I was in my youth, I wouldn’t have been addicted throughout my life. Just be sure to use them sensibly (as I’m sure you are, or you’d be smoking your brains out with traditional cigarettes instead if you weren’t sensible during your bored & curious state of mind).
    Nothing is completely safe, not even the air we breathe, the foods we eat, the products we groom with, or the homes we live in. (homes are incredibly toxic, which is why adults worry about spending too much time indoors playing video games, etc).
    With that said, the nicotine free Hookah Pen is 95% safer than smoking a traditional cigarette! as long as the company has safety standards in place. I believe many do, but I don’t know who does & who doesn’t. This is the main risk. I believe Ruyan has lab environment, total quality control, but you’ll have to do your own research.
    The best thing, of course, is to not smoke or vape at all, but that is easier said than done when boredom cuts in.
    Used moderately, used with zero nicotine, you will be free from a lifelong addiction to smoking. Nobody knows the long term haul, but the studies to date show that they are harmless to bystanders, (Drexel Study).
    Dr. Farsalinos, of the Onassis Kennedy Research Center, who is specializing in the eCig research, has just recently submitted his study on Flavors to be published. There are a few Flavors that should be used less often than others.. such as cinnamon, clove, citrus, real tobacco, … But they are still favored over smoking smoke.
    Like I said, I wish these were around, in my youth, I would have chosen these over the Marlboro and be free from smoking addiction. By the time I became bored with smoking, I learned I was addicted. :(. It hasn’t been fun or satisfying since my 20′s. It’s just been a roller coaster of on & off the wagon, rinse, repeat.
    Good luck to all those who can’t resist refraining. May the Gods be kinder to you than they were to me.

  • Thanks for posting this, I’m a Mom of a 14 year old who just got suspended from school from having a “part” of a rechargeable hookah pen. I was told it’s illegal to have it but wasn’t sure why if it doesn’t contain any tobacco but I had no way of proving that it didn’t. Plus it couldn’t even work without the other piece. She’s suspended for two days and I don’t think it’s fair at all. I’m trying to research the laws and ingredients/health issues and I can’t seem to find anything stating that they are harmful for you if you buy the ones that or 0 percent of nicotine etc. but isn’t the battery that makes the smoke bad for you, I would think any smoke would be bad for you to inhale? So……my question is can this really be something kids are doing for “fun” and they are not going to be having health issues in the future?

  • Hello ma’am.
    I am 14 years old and i smoke hookah pens. The non-nicotine hookah pens, which is probably the one that ur daughter had, has absolutely no health threat whatsoever. It is simply water vapor heated by a battery inside of the cartridge. The battery causes no health threat either. I mean, unless you take it out and ingest it. And i have not gotten in trouble for it in school at all, and i don’t think it’s fair that your daughter got suspended. And even if she had a nicotine hookah pen, i don’t think it’s fair to be suspended for that, because you never know if that student has an addiction or not. I personally do not have an addiction, as i smoke hookah pens daily with zero nicotine. I have tried the nicotine infused hookah pens, and they are absolutely horrible, as you can taste the flavor of the nicotine (which isnt pretty). So since your post was on December 4th, i assume that the suspension is over. But don’t get mad at your daughter, as simply, the nation is pretty dumb for suspending kids for having water vapor on them. Essentially, it’s the same thing as saying you can’t have a water bottle. And again, the hookah pens that she is doing aren’t harmful to her at all. The nicotine infused ones are very harmful, as they are proven to cause heart disease, and in some cases, stroke. I hope this helped and she did not deserve to be suspended. Schools nationwide just think its a tobacco related product, even though it has nothing to do with tobacco. It is a hookah related product. Just as they have electronic cigarettes, instead of cigarettes, they having electronic hookahs in place of hookahs. In case you did not know, a regular hookah (not the pen) is used as a social trend. It is a machine the involves adding flavored tobacco to a mixture of water and chemicals, and burning a piece of coal on top to heat the mixture, which is then inhaled from pipes attached on the sides. They have hookah lounges in some colleges nationwide, which is basically a bar, with hookah machines on it, and people go with their friends to have fun. However, it was proven to be worse than cigarettes, to the fact that most people take bigger hits from a hookah than they would from a cigarette, and that a normal hookah session lasts for about 1 hours. On average, its equivalent to inhaling 3 packs of cigarettes over an hour, which is extremely harmful. Stay away from that. So again, i hope this helped, and it was essentially b.s that she got suspended. It is not harmful in any way (non-nicotine).

  • I don’t understand why everyone is confused about hookah pens, vaporizers, e-cigs, etc. it doesn’t matter if they are legal or not, they are harmful and teens should not be exposed to them in any way, shape or form. my son, whom i’ve talked to so many times about ALL types of drugs, confessed to me that he used a hookah pen today. he was so ashamed, he immediately regretted the incident and promised not to use it again. i wanted to bash his head in and hug him all at once because i was so mad but i felt sorry for him, yet i was glad that he came to me. he knows that e-cigs, hookah pens,etc all contain chemicals that are harmful but i guess peer pressure got the best of him. he is a chronic asthmatic, so he knows this is not good for him at all. if you can refer to using a hookah pen as smoking, then it is harmful. smoking of any kind is harmful, when are people going to understand this. some people may want to delude themselves into thinking that “smoking” from a hookah pen is no big deal because some may be nicotine free and/or only contain glycerin which is not “bad” for you, blah, blah, blah. the truth is that smoking anything at all is harmful. i will keep on teaching my son to be drug free, FOR LIFE, but it is very hard when other parents think smoking from these pens/devices is acceptable or don’t take the time to educate their children who in turn pressure others into doing drugs. yes i said drugs as it is my opinion that hookah pens contain drugs.

  • I am a student. and i have to write any article on hookah pens. i see them all around school and i just need cold hard facts good and bad where are you citations??

  • Amazing post, I love your style of writing. Will definitely be back to read more, helps me pass the time at work :)

  • Just a comment. I find it hard to believe that any good parent would allow their 13 or 14 year old to smoke hookah pens. Whether it’s legal or not. Kids need boundaries. And they need to be kids. They shouldn’t be allowed to do everything adults do just be it’s legal. Businesses shouldn’t be allowed to sell them to minors.

  • Can a 15 year old pass through an air port with a hookah pen in there luggage?

  • Hi I have a shisha pen or hookah pen the refillable kind, I’m 17 I stopped smoking it as I’ve had an upset stomach due to the liquid, I wanted to ask is there any liquid that is safe and has been tested? On my liquid box it has a toxic symbol be a refill to read before purchase

  • How long does it take for a hookah pen charger to charge fully ?

  • Looking forward to reading through more. Great blog post. Really Great.

  • I am turning 14 and I want a hooka pen but idk if my dad will allow it since idk what the age limit is to buying one and idk how much it cost so please help

  • Im 12 i had a few puffs of a nicotine free hookah pen is that bad for me because im concerned about it after looking at some of the comments and looking at things similar to this on other websites. I also feel fine and not effected.

  • for someone who is allergic to cig smoke can this also trigger some sort of reaction to these hookah pens?? just wondering cuz my niece is allergic to cig smoke and wouldn’t want her to have reaction due to this, since I’ve been trying them out. curious mind wanting to know.

  • How do you know if the hookah pen contains nicotine or if its water vapor

  • I think these are dumb. I hate smelling them when I sit in class, it makes me dizzy. The kid behind me uses one that smells like dirt and mulch. These aren’t only stupid, but annoying as well. Thing is, teachers don’t care.