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Stories from the Storm: Students’ Perspectives

In response to the waves of aftermath affecting not only Jersey City and the Saint Peter’s University community, but all of those in areas around us still due to Hurricane Sandy, The Pauw Wow decided to include a Viewpoints section in the fourth issue of the Fall 2012 edition of the paper. Below is a list of all of those who contributed and links to all of their stories.

  • Faith in The Darkness – Michelle Jines, Class of 2014
  • Flooding in Hoboken – Tatiana Ferraro, Class of 2014
  • A Post-Apocalyptic Time – Yarleen Hernandez, Class of 20144 *News Editor of The Pauw Wow
  • Jersey Strong – Jessica Hartland, Class of 2013
  • “How Bad Could It Be?” – Francesca Rizzo, Class of 2014
  • We Know The Problem – Dylan Smith, Class of 2014 *Online Editor of The Pauw Wow
  • Poof Goes The Power – Ty-Kiera Brown, Class of 2015
  • Summer Memories Washed Away – Tiffany Lorincz, Class of 2014
  • A Battle With Sandy – Luzmary Bonilla, Class of 2014
  • How Twitter Helped Me Help Others – Natalie Castillo, Class of 2015
  • Realizing The Impact – Carlos Gonzalez, Class of 2014
  • The Perfect Storm in Hoboken – Jose Garcia, Class of 2014
  • Patience… – Francisco De Jesus, Class of 2014
  • No Power, No Practice – Jesika Holmes, Class of 2013
  • When Life Was Turned Off – Justyn Carter, Class of 2013
  • Hurricane Bond – Leonard Davis, Class of 2014

Thank you to all of those who participated.

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Share your stories below in the comments.


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