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SGA on Their Feet for Fire and Ice Ball

Students and key administrators put on their fancy dresses, ties, and dancing shoes on November 30 for the Winter Semi-Formal. Held at Puccini’s Restaurant on West Side Avenue, the Winter Semi-Formal gave students the opportunity to enjoy fine dining, a photo booth, and of course, a DJ and a dance floor.

“The event was a success,” said Student Government President Scott Miller. “Everyone had fun, especially while dancing, and they liked the food.”

This year saw what was technically the first “Winter Semi-Formal,” which replaces the “Presidential Ball” that the SGA has hosted for the last six years.

Photo Credit - Anthony Skevakis

Photo Credit – Anthony Skevakis

“It was called the ‘Presidential Ball’ when Dr. Cornacchia was first inaugurated,” said Miller. Although essentially the same event, the formal dinner dance was then held to honor the school’s new president. However, President Cornacchia asked for the name of the ball to be changed to what Miller admits is a less-catchy but more appropriate “Winter Semi-Formal.”

Photo Credit - Anthony Skevakis

Photo Credit – Anthony Skevakis

Laura Reinhart, SGA secretary, says, “Cornacchia is all about the students. He’s all about SGA.”

His credit is not misplaced. Despite the weather-related setbacks that everyone on campus faced, SGA was able to pull the event together with as many attendees as they’d hoped for. According to Miller, most of the planning took place directly before and after Sandy.

Another challenge for SGA to overcome was that Miller was not elected last spring, as most SGA presidents are, but rather took the place of Damaris Medina, who stepped down from the position. Because of his late arrival, Miller missed early planning for SGA’s events.

He also had to find a replacement Vice President. The position was taken by Greg McFadden after interviews by the organization’s executive board, resume searches, and a vote in student senate.

Although winter semi-formal is the biggest event for SGA, their further plans include the winter tree-lighting ceremony on December 13, the Presidential Open Forums and involvement with the “Class Wars.” Miller also expressed hopes for the Student Government to expand, “event-wise.”


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