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Science Gadgets for the 2012 Holiday Season

Do It Yourself: Electronic Design & Projects Kit

Projects Included:

Create a 5 volt power supply

Resistance for LEDs

Create a light sensitive noise maker

$49.99 thinkgeek.com


Bio Lite CampStove

The portable camping stove/device charger converts heat from fire to electricity. The electricity is used to recharge USB-connected phones and other devices.

($129.00, biolithestove.com)


Mr. Roboto Kit

Mr. Roboto kit is a learning tool that teaches the process of Adruino programming.

What is included:

Mr. Roboto PCB with surface-mount components

1 x Mini LCD Screen

1 x6- Pin Right-Angle Header

1 x16- Pin Straight Header

2 x Super Bright Red LEDS

2 x 1kOhm Resistors

1 x miniature Photocell

1x TMP36 Temperature Sensor

1x Piezo Buzzer

1 x 2-Pin JST Connector

2 X AA batteries

1 x AA battery holder with power switch

($39.95, sparkfun.com)


Roxio: Game Capture HD pro

Captures : 1080 30p/60i

($139.99, microcenter.com)


Belkin Bluetooth Music Receiver

Music from your iPod or iPhone can wirelessly play through stereo or stand-alone speakers

($49.99, Belkin.com)


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