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Personal Narrative: Summer Memories Washed Away

Living in New Jersey you do not experience many natural disasters, therefore no one was mentally or physically prepared for the outcome of Hurricane Sandy. No words can describe the devastation that we as a whole are going through. Some problems we are still currently facing are having no electricity, heat, food and water. Power lines are down and extremely dangerous causing fires, which can’t be put out because of flooding, making it nearly impossible for firefighters to get through. So many homes were lost and damaged beyond repair.

I have not had it nearly as bad as the rest of the state, but I did have my own share of loss. I lost power for only two short days but it sure didn’t feel like that. I felt like I was in my own little revolution, not knowing when the power would come back on. All I had to rely on was my friends and family, trying to keep warm and stay busy. Luckily I own a gas stove so I was able to make food but I was not prepared for not having lights. We had plenty of flashlights but no working batteries. Cooking by candlelight was definitely a once-in-a-lifetime experience, but not something I hope to experience again, at least not anytime soon. Having no television was not a big loss, but it made it almost impossible to get an update on how the rest of the state was doing with the storm. When I finally gained power back, the first thing I did was check the news to finally learn about the true devastation of Sandy. Once I saw how badly the storm had hit the Jersey Shore I was grateful to have such minimal damage done to my home.

My best friend told me about her house in Toms River, a mere ten minutes from Seaside Heights. She shared with me the devastation that took place down there. Her house had four feet of water in it, the fence and roof blew away and her decor outside of the house was just floating away in the street. We would go to her house every summer and just spend our nights walking the boardwalk, playing games, going on the rides and just laughing having a great time with friends and family. So many memories were made throughout the years and to find out that it’s gone is heartbreaking.  Now all we can do is come together as a state and help one another build our beautiful landmarks and homes back up and give constant support and any donations to help get the state back on their feet. Never having felt the devastation of a disaster like this so close to home really makes me think and cherish everything I have because in the blink of an eye it could all be gone.


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