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Personal Narrative: Poof Goes The Power

Hurricane Sandy was all over the news. Should I take this hurricane serious? I kept asking myself over and over.   My mother had told me not to worry, because a hurricane like this had occurred before. My mother did not realize that  I would not have power for five days. It all started on Monday evening at 7:50 I was sitting in the living room with my friend, and three siblings in our home in Tinton Fall, New Jersey, just a few miles from the shore.

We all remained waiting to watch the reality show on VH1, “Basketball Wives”.  I kept thinking in my head I hope the power does not go out so we can watch the exciting new episode.  I had spoken to soon, the lights went out and the television powered off.  The rain was heavy, and the winds started singing.  I was so depressed, because I only had sixteen percent left on my phone. My phone had died after ten minutes, I was so mad.

I forced myself to sleep, because I thought when, I awake the power would be on.  When I got up the next morning I realized I should have slept for five days.   The lights were out, no heat, so every room in my room felt like the North Pole.   I never would have thought I would be sitting at home staring at the walls waiting for the electric to come on.  The electric was out for so long I had learned how to determine the time by watching the sunrise, and sunset.  My kitchen had created a smell because of all the food that had gone bad. Everything was just horrible.  I just wanted my electricity back.

Even though I had a horrible experience, I learned to not take anything for granted. I also reminded myself that there are people who do not have electric all year .


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