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Personal Narrative: Patience…

For over a week, power in my home was out due to Sandy, the category one hurricane that ripped through the east coast.  Hitting states such as New Jersey and New York, it damaged cities, flooded subways, and destroyed both homes and residents who lived in it.

The biggest effect of Sandy was the massive blackouts caused by the hurricane.  Imagine; a week without power on such a large scale.  Like millions, I had no television, Internet, and phone to name a few items.  My brother best described it as, “Being sent back into the colonial times.”

The only source of technology our family had was a battery-powered radio.  We would listen to 1010 WINS, a 22-minute program reporting on Sandy’s aftermath.  We anxiously listened in on whose power was being restored, hoping that we would be among the millions that were being treated first.  Unfortunately, I got the short end of the straw; my family was the last treated in terms of getting power back.

As frustrating as it was, I could not complain; I still had hot water, cars to travel, and my family most of all.  Others, on the other hand, had lost everything.  They needed priority more than I did.

Therefore, my family and I adapted; I helped store food, played board games, anything to pass the time.  Eventually, I was able to find a sense of a normalcy again after the initial struggles.  Eventually, power returned to my home, and I returned to the life of the stressed college student.

It is far from perfect; knowing my friends are still without power, trying to rebuild what was left of their lives.  Such loss of irreplaceable items and people has caused grief that may never heal.   All I can do for them is pray, hoping that they, just like my family, will have their lives back on track.   The only thing they need to have is what I have grown to do during this difficult week: patience.


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