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Personal Narrative: Flooding In Hoboken

On Monday, October 29th around 9:30 pm the superstorm known as Sandy swept through Hoboken, NJ.  Earlier in the day many were able to walk around Hoboken and retrieve last minute items for the storm, but shelves in the A&P and Shoprite were bare.

During the early afternoon the river was rising and making its way onto the pier by Lackawana.  My town was already flooding and the hurricane didn’t take place yet.  That night a lot of my neighbors were discussing the power being shut down for 3-7 days to avoid fires.  I assumed the power would be off for just the night so I didn’t take the rumors too seriously, but I should have.

Tuesday, the morning after Sandy hit I woke up to the sound of sirens and still no power.  I looked out the window and the right side of my apartment building was surrounded by water.  My cell phone service was non-existent and I was not able to get in touch with anyone, not even my family.  My apartment was freezing and there was no hot water.  I spoke with the superintendent of the building who was nice enough to show me the basement and the water was up to the door knob.  The boilers were destroyed, along with all the washers and dryers.

For the next 6 days I would be without power, heat, and hot water.  During the day a few businesses on Washington Street were cooking what was left of their food and selling it for half the price.  The restaurant Amanda’s made sandwiches, pasta, and fries, which they gave away for free to people.   There were also people on Hudson and Bloomfield streets that had power the day after the hurricane hit.

They provided hot food and outlets for people to charge their laptops and cell phones.  The National Guard and FEMA were called in to assist the people of Hoboken.  There was a water tank available because the tap water was tainted and a station that provided batteries.

Sidewalks were filled with all the damaged furniture and belongings of residents with basements that flooded.  Hoboken looked as if it had just battled some kind of war.  Sandy brought so much devastation to my town and to my family who owns shore houses in Ortley Beach.  Our summers in Seaside Heights will never be the same.


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