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Personal Narrative: Faith In The Darkness

Hurricane Sandy hit many of us in a variety of ways, and at home in Plainfield, New Jersey, we’re just another town still in the dark.  Over a week after Sandy hit us in the evening, my family and I continue to make do with the water and gas we have in our apartment building, which in reality would surprise people considering that just a street over the local grocery store and convenient stores all shine bright with electricity. We, however, are not afraid, and just wait patiently each day that goes by and await our turn to have that moment of peace when we hear the clicking and humming of our appliances starting up once more.

We refuse to give in on losing faith in our town, the people helping to keep things as normal as possible. The donations of ice, water, and food help to ease those still with no power to hold on just a while longer. The belief that all will return to normal, in time, all will be fixed and we can somehow go forward from this disastrous moment in time. I would be laying on the couch in the darkness of the fall night wondering how much longer to the day where I can relax with warmth and not worry about turning my assignments for my many classes this semester on time, not focusing on the real picture. My family and friends all made it through the storm safely, no lost, no damage to their homes, just a few cold nights with the family.

It was no surprise to find out that masses continue at my parish of St. Mary, with the help of a generator that kept light on the front altar and the singers. Saturday night went on as usual, only difference, both Spanish and English speaking members of the parish huddled together in the thirty degree night of the church and filled a good portion of the church. In those two hours, no one worried about the electricity being lost, the gas level in their car, yes there was that chill of the fall night every so often. It was nothing that we couldn’t handle when giving thanks for still being alive, having our families’ safe in these tough times.

In these past few days I wouldn’t have imagined the events that followed the storm to result in me spending 10 days in the dark, though it has given me the chance to spend more than enough time with my family. Time is precious, we were given a reminder that family is just as valuable, and how even in the dark times, people still had their faith. Believe that things will continue to better and people will never forget that one person made it possible for us all to come together, as we should anytime someone is in need.


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