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New Dean of Students Working to Improve ResLife

In late September of this year, Saint Peter’s welcomed a new dean of students into the community. Before his arrival, Anthony Skevakis worked at a private school in Florida that was similar to Saint Peter’s in size. As a Jersey native, Skevakis did not need much time to adjust to the area, so he was able to give his undivided attention to his new job. As the dean of students, Skevakis is responsible for overseeing the department of residence life. He is well aware that there have been many issues in the past, but wants to keep his focus on the future.

“I can’t rewind the clock and fix whatever happened,” said Skevakis.

He said his primary goal is to keep moving forward and take things step by step. Even though the issues of the past should not be ignored, they should not be dwelled on either. Skevakis is working closely with the residence life staff to make sure things are running smoothly and improvements are being made. In regards to past complaints from students, Skevakis has only heard and seen positives.

When asked about Honey Minkowitz’s resignation, Skevakis said he did not know the details about her resignation.  Meanwhile, the job opening for director of residence life is posted on the school website. They are currently accepting resumes, but have yet to set up any interviews. The plan is to hire someone come January so that Saint Peter’s can start the new year with a director in place. While the search is underway, the duties of director are not being ignored, according to the new dea.

“The job is getting done, it’s just that multiple hands are doing it,” said Skevakis.

He has read articles concerning residence life and student’s issues. Though there are challenges, Skevakis feels the residence life staff is  perfectly capable of handling the issues. At this time, everyone is working together as a team to make the transition of replacing staff members as smooth as possible, he said.

“The people are changing, but the level of service is not,” said Skevakis.

As the new dean of students, Skevakis feels he needs to be an advocate for the students in many different forms. Whether it is an issue with a resume, family problems, financial problems or any issues at all, the dean of students is there to listen and help. He encourages students to stop by his office, stop him in the hall, or contact him in any way to make a plan to make things better.

“We have an opportunity to hear the student voice and have me advocate for them to the rest of the administration, said Skevakis.


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