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Meet The Athlete: Jamel Fields

Jamel Fields is a transfer student ready to make an impression on the Men’s Basketball team. Below is an interview with the young athlete and what he hopes to achieve at SPU.

Pauw Wow: How long have you been playing basketball? What made you decide to pursue it in college?

Jamel Fields: The first time I picked up a basketball was when I was 10 years old, and ever since then I haven’t put in down. I didn’t actually think I could play basketball in college, until I received my first scholarship after one my high school games.

PW: Who is your biggest role model as an athlete?

JF: My biggest role model has to be my grandmother, sometimes I think she loves basketball more then me. Half of the time she is telling me whats going on in the basketball world.

PW: What made you decide to come to Saint Peter’s?

JF: I felt like my career in basketball at Saint Peter’s with the coaches, teammates and teachers around me, made my future in life look bright, so I decided that Saint Peter’s was where I wanted to be.

Photo Credit - Saint Peter's Athletics

Photo Credit – Saint Peter’s Athletics

PW: What are some of the goals you have, both individually and for the team?

JF: My individual goal is to try and lead the country or be top five in steals and charges. As for my team goal, I just want to make everyone around me happy on and off the court, and WIN A MAAC CHAMPIONSHIP!

PW: If you could describe your team in three words, what would they be/why?

JF: Ambition, Funny and Dedicated -I’ve just never been around a bunch of guys who are all different and unique in their own special way.

Some quick facts about Jamel:

Favorite movie: Love & Basketball / A Walk To Remember
Favorite pre-game ritual: Take a shower as I listen to R&B before the game
Favorite quote: “I am glad I started from the bottom, so the only way I can go is UP!”


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