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2014-2015 Masthead

The 2014-2015 Editorial Board:

  • Editor-in-Chief: Essence Rogers
  • Managing Editor: Francesca Rizzo
  • Online Editor: Danielle Pimentel
  • Social Media Editor: Meghan Ianiro
Design Editors:
  • Layout Editor: Mykela Pascual
  • Photo Editor: Alexandra Checa
Content Editors:
  • News Editor: Jessica Facchini
  • Arts Editor: Matt Holowienka
  • Lifestyle Editor: Suzanne Duong
  • Opinions Editor: Sandra Ofori-Boakye
  • Sports Editor: Adina Halagian
Copy Editors: 
  • Chief Copy Editor: Marisa Carlucci

Pauw Wow Advisor:

  • Prof. Ernabel Demillo

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