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Get Your Game On: Students Play Hard in Intramural Sports

On a recent gloomy day, numerous students assembled around the field outside of the freshmen dorms, Millennium and Whelan, to observe a penetrating game of dodge ball. Both upper and lower classmen mentally and physically prepare themselves to compete.

The gamekeepers work diligently behind the scoreboard to assure that the game remains safe and fair. The players reach their assigned positions and the game starts. Dodge ball, a popular childhood game,  is a sport in which players attempt to strike other players on the opposite team with their own balls while avoiding being hit themselves.

Dodgeball is just one of the many activities offered by the popular Saint Peter’s Intramural Sports Program. Students can join a number of teams, including basketball, flag football, wiffle ball, and of course dodge ball.

At the recent game, the opposite teams fiercely battle one another while simultaneously trying their hardest to avoid the daunting dodge ball. Female students scatter around apprehensively when the ball soared anywhere in their general direction. The ball itself was continuously thrown into ongoing traffic, onto the roofs of several buildings, and fiercely into many bodies. Scorekeepers scrutinize the intense match, making sure to give credit where credit is due. After a grueling and highly amusing match of dodge ball, both teams make amends. Everyone is exhausted but their evident exhaustion will never stop them from competing again.

“Dodge ball is definitely one of the MOST intense sports and I don’t play…I just watch,” stated junior Darren Lightburn. “I mean but…which intramural sport here isn’t?

The school through its intramural program strongly values competition, companionship and fun. According to those who participate,intramural sports is a great way to promote fun and competition for students who are not part of an athletic team. For students who are interested in frivolous competition and an effective way to build school spirit as well as making new friends, participating in an intramural sport is an option.

The school offers intramural softball, volleyball, soccer, basketball, Frisbee, flag football, kickball and dodge ball. These intramural games are also an alternate way for students to participate in games that the school does not offer as a sanctioned athletic sport such as Frisbee, flag football and dodge ball.

Referee Tenay Howard, has facilitated a few games. “It gets very, very intense. And a lot of players are very athletic and each team strives to win.”  According to the Howard, the most intense sports include basketball, soccer and the infamous dodge ball where onlookers can view various players visually become angry as they struggle to win.

Track star, Aaron Lucus is deeply involved with intramural sports away from his rigorous Track practice. “These guys give excellent effort and treat it as if it was or the NCAA championship, “ he said. Lucus who is a member of intramural basketball.

So Peacocks if you are competitive, if you play to win or just play to have fun, intramural sports may be the way to go !


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