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GALLERY: Student Artists Shine in Gallery Opening

On November 29, Saint Peter’s students put together a photography show in Rankin Hall, featuring Alan Binstock, Barry Schmetter, DB Stoval, and Christopher Brady. The front of the gallery takes viewers on a short journey through their own perception of how each artist sorts through what life presents them.

The interplay of color between Binstock and Stoval’s pieces is an unexpected pleasure. While Binstock’s work is luminous, multi-layered, and sometimes shattered, Stoval’s is sharp and hyperclear, creating a quirky connection that is a lot of fun. Schmetter’s more pensive black and whites moved viewers deeply. Brady’s work is a group of photographs that celebrates the beauty of the human form.

There are some knock-out works in this show. As you who walk by the gallery in the back of Rankin, appreciate what you  can see behind the large glass windows.

All of the photos below were taken by Cynthia Kwarula:


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