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Editorial: Think, Grow, and Progress.

I’m presently following news of the presidential election with an intensity that’s probably getting on people’s nerves. However, I continue to be impressed by the events that our school provides to try to make us as informed as possible. The Guarini Institute, the political science department, the feminist action club, the honors program, the journalism department, and many other campus organizations repeatedly sponsor lectures, discussions, and even parties centered on the election and the events leading up to it. At this point, it seems to me like being ignorant of the election and all that goes with it is more difficult than being informed.

I take this as an indication that Saint Peter’s is stepping up to become a center of intellectual life for its students. In the (not so) good old days, universities were closed off to most of the population because of class systems, monetary requirements, race, sex, and gender, among other limitations. These super-exclusive colleges became strongholds of knowledge and therefore power, guarding both very carefully and forming the entire intelligence of their community. Luckily, that knowledge and that power is now spread to everyone. From what I can see, it isn’t wasted.

The students of Saint Peter’s are matching the leadership step for step with participation in the events. Though maybe some of us are just chasing down extra credit points or free food, it’s still great to see crowds at lectures that aren’t required and hear intelligent questions when the floor is opened to students. We need to continue to represent Saint Peter’s ability to think, grow, and progress. We need to make sure administrators, alumni, visiting lecturers, and the community at large are hearing our voices.

We at the Pauw Wow are always excited to see responses to our articles. We work hard on them and want to know what people think, which is one reason we’ve made it easier than ever to get feedback. Our website, as well as our facebook and twitter feeds, are always available to comment, although it is still fun to get those old-fashioned “Letters to the Editor.” This is just one more way to make sure your voice is heard, to share what you know with everyone in your school and in your community.

Intelligence! Drive! Activism! These should be the hallmarks of Saint Peter’s students. This should be the reputation we build in the community, as well as the personas each of us strive to take up as we earn our educations and take our places in the professional world.


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