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A Thank You and a Challenge to SPU

We at the Pauw Wow have apparently found some sensitive issues to talk about. When we covered student debt, we inspired responses that ranged from supportive to caustic. We want to give everyone a voice, which is why we’re also pleased to publish letters to the editor.

We have taken some criticism for only publishing negative news or making the school look bad, but the mission of journalism is not to create a positive image for the university. We don’t want to put the public relations office out of a job.

Our job, as journalists, is to inform and educate our audience of the truth. This might be positive events at the school, bringing attention to students who are doing well in academics or sports, scientific and social advances being made at our school, but it also might be more negative experiences students face.

We do try to present both sides of whatever we cover. I hope with this issue, which is likely no less controversial than the issue on student debt, we are showing a fair representation. If, as you’re reading, you feel otherwise, please do write to us. Your voice is just as important as the voice of the Pauw Wow.

It’s especially important with this issue, which is meant to cover sexuality in college. At our Catholic university, as within other communities, issues of sexuality have become unspeakable. Exceptions seem to include senators and congressmen who attempt to define what people should and should not do with their bodies.

These issues, as well as those covered in the last edition of the Pauw Wow, are the ones that are going to make a real impact on the lives of students here. We can’t just report the happy, pleasant events that go on in the school; we might sometimes also have to tell you about the harsh realities of the world.

The writers and editors at the Pauw Wow are proud to bring you real, relevant news, as well as to start the discussions that could change our lives. Thank you for reading and even moreso for responding.


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