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A Holiday Gift-Giving Guide

The holidays are here. It’s a time to spend your days with family and friends, experience new holiday memories, and reminiscence on old ones. The holiday season is the busiest time for shopping: getting a gift for a neighbor, boss, friend, or family member might be tricky. Here are three of our gift ideas.

Savoring the Sweet Tooth
Lee Sims Chocolate located on 743 Bergen Avenue  Jersey City, NJ 07306
Everyone needs to eat! From delicious chocolates to caramelized popcorn, most students say they love something sweet to eat and Lee Sims is just the place to get a scrumptious treat.

Keeping them Warm
Clothing has always been a great gift idea. But what should one get? The weather for this season has been anything but typical. Something such as a traditional cozy sweater makes for a practical gift. Show school spirit by purchasing a school sweater for a fellow classmate or friend.

Being Thoughtful
Giving a gift to someone in need is always good. It could be donating your time to a shelter, or participating in a fundraiser. Students and faculty alike are encouraged to go to Campus Ministry where the Angel Giving tree resides. Take an ornament from the tree and buy a gift for a child.


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