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5 Things You Might Not Know About the RLC

Many students know that the basketball or volleyball games are held in the Victor Yanitelli Recreational Life Facility. Most students on campus also know that the RLC is the place to find a treadmill or lift some weights. However, many students both residents and commuters do not know the wide variety of activities and opportunities that the RLC and Recreational Life staff provides. We asked Dave Bryngil, the Director of the Recreational Life Center as well as a Saint Peter’s University 91’ Alumni, the five things he thinks all students should know about the RLC…but probably don’t.

1 – The RLC is home to a brand new spin bike studio, built during the summer of 2012.  The room houses 13 Matrix brand “Livestrong” spin bikes.  Spin classes are offered six days per week (Monday – Saturday) often with multiple classes per day.  Classes are offered free of charge to all members of the Saint Peter’s community.

The outside of the RLC. Photo Credit – Wikipedia

2 – Besides free spin classes, the RLC also offers a full slate of other fitness classes that are available free of charge to the members of the Saint Peter’s community.  These classes include cardio kickboxing, body toning Zumba fitness, ultimate fitness, and yoga.  Fitness classes are held every weekday during the academic year.

3 – Many students don’t realize that the balcony above the RLC pool is home to several activities areas.  A racquetball court, indoor golf practice facility, and a boxing station (including a heavy bag and a speed bag) are all located on the pool balcony.

4 – When students graduate from Saint Peter’s they can remain connected to their alma mater by joining the Rec Center as alumni members.  An alumni membership only costs $225 per year and grants graduates of Saint Peter’s access to all the fine facilities and many of the programs offered at the RLC.

5 – While many people just see the RLC as a building, it is actually operated by the Department of Recreation and RLC.  This department is responsible for meeting the diverse recreational needs of the Saint Peter’s community.  Besides managing the RLC, the recreation department oversees all intramural sports, aquatics, and fitness programs that are offered at the university.  Recreation and Athletics are two distinctly separate departments on campus, both housed in the RLC.


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